Steve Watson

Steve Watson

Director Quality Engineering, Reed Business Information

I have been a Test Manager for 9 years of my career, and the talk over the past few years about the future of Test Managers in an Agile world has been both interesting and alarming as I may have worked my way up to a role that will no longer exist in 5 years!


I was given the opportunity to try something different alongside my TM role in 2015, and I grabbed the opportunity, even though it took me outside of my comfort zone. I want to share my experience of delivering a brand new product to market, despite having no track record in this area, the lessons I learned, new skills developed and old skills sharpened.


We will have an open discussion about the Test Management skills we possess that could help us diversify into other roles, and about possible career paths for existing Senior Testers and Lead Testers.


Key points:
• Change is inevitable – so be prepared.
• Identify the skills you have that can be transferred to other roles, and skills you need to develop.
• Be open minded about other possibilities where a testing background can be advantageous.

Steve is an ISTQB certified Director of Quality Engineering with over 28 years of experience in Banking, Futures & Options Trading, Vehicle Leasing, Automotive Information and B2B publishing. He manages a team of 5 testers directly with oversight of 2 others, directing the overall testing strategy and approach across a number of projects.
Within RBI, Steve co-runs a ‘QA Chapter’ bringing over 70 global testers together from different RBI brands to encourage knowledge sharing. Externally he speaks at conferences, assists with the UK Test Management Forum, writes magazine articles and blogs here.