Laksitha Ranasingha

Laksitha Ranasingha

Independent Tech Lead

Be Pragmatic, But Not Fanatic


Have we over-engineered the requirement? Is definition of done means the minimal viable product? How do we know if we have done enough testing? We are in an era where our clients need continuous delivery of solutions. So, how can we get things done without cutting corners that compromise quality? and the worst; delivering the incorrect product.
We will be talking about how being pragmatic can help you to deliver the right solution meeting expected quality from both development and QA perspectives.

Laksitha is a passionate software professional with more than a decade of experience as a software developer in various industries.


He has worked on some interesting projects which span over enterprise software application development to real-time data analytics and microservices development. He believes software professionals need to be inquisitive and pragmatic to meet the demand of today’s challenging and rapidly changing software industry.


He is an enthusiast of natural language processing and machine learning. He is also working on building a tool that generates natural language text from semi-structured data.