Kashif Saleem

Kashif Saleem

Director, QA Hotels.com

Agile Performance Testing?!?!


In this presentation, Kashif will take you through a journey, talking about:

– Who is responsible for agile performance testing?
– Where can the performance tests be run?
– What performance tests to run?
– How frequently should the performance tests be run?
– How to automatically validate your performance test results?
– What tools help you with this entire journey?
– Cloud – enabler or disabler?

Kash started his QA career straight out of university in 2001 and has never looked back! He has worked in the defence, medical, education, psychology and travel industries for start-ups and multi-national corporations, covering all aspects of QA.
He is currently Director, QA for Hotels.com, part of the worlds biggest travel company, Expedia Inc., where he is responsible for team management, functional/non-functional testing processes and strategies. He still tries to find time to write performance scripts and review automation code!