Janaki Jayachandran

Janaki Jayachandran

Director – Quality Engineering, Aspire Systems

Aligning Software Testing With Modern Age Development Practices

The digital era has revolutionized the scope of industries, bringing with it unique and extensive challenges. Testing, being the backbone of all processes, has transformed into a continuous, end-to-end process that cannot be run with the age-old project hierarchies. The modern project development methods desire intelligence-driven testing solutions rather than process-driven ones. At this conference, Aspire’s team aims to take the case further and delve into the details of how the industry needs to step in style with a whole-new modernised approach. Banking on our expertise in a wide array of end-to-end testing services, the company is excited to showcase how they have fostered a healthy environment for innovation and expertise to transform our customer’s complex testing challenges to tangible solutions.


In his presentation, Janaki is all set to share his observation of how the traditional testing practices are evolving and transforming to accommodate modern development models including:


– Impacts of FDD, BDD and ATDD on testing
– Process and cultural changes required to support modern day development
– Strategic approaches for quality intelligence
– Tool recommendations

Janaki has around 20 years of experience in managing large scale software testing and DevOps projects across various domains including retail, education, media and finance. Janaki heads the test automation service line at Aspire Systems comprising of more than 400 resources. Apart from agile and DevOps expertise, Janaki is also a certified security professional and cloud architect (AWS & Azure). He specialises in providing consulting for companies that are planning to adopt agile, cloud and DevOps practices.