Ashok Karania

Dr. Ashok Karania

VP Europe Business, Infostretch

How To Automate Testing For Next-Generation Interfaces, Including Web, Mobile, And Applications Like Siri And Alexa


Today’s IT systems communicate with customers through multiple touchpoints ranging from web, mobile to bots and apps like Alexa or Siri. These systems need to provide seamless handoffs between touchpoints while providing contextual information. Teams must be able to pair hardware capabilities with software technologies, such as location, biometric sensing, Bluetooth, and more. Test automation in these systems is becoming complex as traditional processes don’t apply.


Discover how to navigate testing in this hyper-connected landscape.
– Apply new testing strategies to multiple interfaces.
– Deliver fast, effective test automation.
– Leverage real-world interface testing successes for your teams.

Ashok is an entrepreneurial leader with 13+ years of senior management experience in strategy, sales, alliances and client relations. As the Vice President for Europe Business, he brings Infostretch’s highly innovative and cutting-edge Silicon Valley expertise to European enterprises. He has delivered success stories in telecom, retail, fintech & hi-tech Industries using a consultative solutions-driven approach to actualise new ideas in digital transformation, enterprise mobility, mobile testing and certification. He frequently speaks at various conference and events on business and mobility. He is an active member of various industry think-tanks and works closely with various industry alliances, academia and government bodies. Ashok holds a PhD in Business Policy & Administration from University of Mumbai and has a MBA from S P Jain.