Amparo Marin

Amparo Marin

Certification Governance Director, Banco Santander

HEROS QAHow Excellence Rules Over Service delivery and Quality Assurance?



Executives’ insights on the importance of quality assurance to excel at service delivery to the customer and the end user.

How important is quality assurance to grow your company’s brand? Can measuring and having the right quality KPIs in place lead to differentiation? How to define ‘just in time’ service delivery? Is it compatible with quality assurance? Discover and explore how quality is important and valuable for executives.
Organisations’ focus has shifted from product oriented to customer centric and today’s customer is different: s/he is connected and informed, is more demanding, likes to compare and to choose, is viral, looks to authenticity and higher value.


In the last decade, the economy has undergone significant transformation with services accounting for 75% share. This has led to a world of services targeted to the new types of customers. Brands today face the challenge to find new customer relationship models and in this context quality and excellent service delivery has proved to be a key lever to transform services distribution into customer experiences. The aim of this session is to put together key takeaways about the role of quality to master your business and provide an excellent service. Does it have an impact at all on the balance sheet?

From 2014, Amparo has led the Technology & Operations area specialized in Testing and Quality Assurance, introducing innovation and digital transformation initiatives for the Bank, through the combination of different methodologies such as Agile, Lean and Waterfall, to make Technology Integration and Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) more efficient.

Prior to her current responsibility at the CIO Technology & Regulatory Affairs Business Unit, Amparo was the head of the Local Certification Office for Spain, Santander Bank Germany and Santander Consumer Finance Germany. She joined Santander Group in 2009 and until 2014 was a member of Santander’s internal global management consulting capability, participating in all key strategic M&A and Bank Integration Processes.
Until 2009, Amparo worked for Arthur D. Little. During that time, she served a wide array of clients mostly in the Retail, Pharma, Education, Telecommunications and Banking industries.

Amparo is Telecommunications Engineer, MBA and PhD Candidate from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSIT UPM) and counts on several publications at national and International Congresses, Books and Scientific Magazines.